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Modernizing Healthcare

A Vision of Electrification and Smart Healthcare

At EveryPathway’s Business Division, we envision healthcare facilities that seamlessly blend innovation and care, leveraging smart technologies to elevate patient experiences and empower medical professionals. As health care landscapes continually evolve to meet regulatory compliance, patient satisfaction, and operational efficiency, the integration of electrification and smart concepts emerges as a vital driver of progress.

The Smart Healthcare Revolution

Our journey into smart healthcare transcends traditional boundaries. It encompasses every facet of the facility, from the property perimeter to the emergency room, specialty wards, diagnostic areas, and beyond. Leveraging the power of smart technologies, hospital administrators, IT teams, and facility managers achieve a harmonious blend of safety, security, and efficiency. Smart systems detect, communicate, and adapt, enhancing patient experiences and streamlining clinical processes.

Electrification for Sustainable Care

Central to our vision is the electrification of healthcare facilities. We recognize the imperative to reduce carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy sources. By integrating solar panels and advanced energy management systems, hospitals not only contribute to environmental well-being but also enhance energy resilience. This commitment to sustainability aligns with global ESG goals and positions healthcare institutions as responsible stewards of both patient health and the planet.

Infrastructure as a Platform

To fulfill this vision, we embrace an infrastructure-as-a-platform model, offering flexibility for budgets and choices. This model allows healthcare facilities to select and integrate current and future technologies, advancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Empowering Connectivity

In the heart of modern healthcare is seamless communication. A high-performance structured cabling system acts as the backbone of connected technologies. Universal cabling topology, media selection, wireless mobility, and multi-application support collectively enable the uninterrupted flow of critical information, enhancing patient care and staff coordination.

Critical Power for Uninterrupted Care

Quality patient care relies on uninterrupted power. Our critical power chain, comprising facility power, condition power, backup power, efficient power, and monitored power, ensures an always-on environment. This chain not only supports essential systems but also reduces operational costs through increased efficiency.

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