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Real Estate

Our Approach

1. Sustainable Real Estate Acquisition

Our primary focus is on acquiring properties in strategic locations, particularly in New York and Arizona. We prioritize properties that have potential for sustainable retrofitting, ensuring they align with our commitment to ESG principles and the United Nations SDGs.

2. Sustainable Retrofitting

The commitment to retrofit properties with sustainable energy solutions is central to our strategy. This consists of:


  • Solar Panel Installation: Harnessing solar energy to reduce dependency on non-renewable sources.
  • Energy-Efficient Insulation: Especially in colder states like New York, ensuring properties retain heat and reduce energy consumption.
  • Electrification & Sustainable Heating/Cooling Solutions: Transitioning from gas and oil to electricity, and implementing solutions like solar heating in warmer states like Arizona.

3. Prop-tech Integration:

Leveraging the latest in property technology, we aim to transform traditional real estate assets into modern, tech-enabled properties. This includes:


  • AI-driven Property Management: Utilizing AI to optimize property management, from tenant interactions to predictive maintenance.
  • Enhanced Valuation Accuracy: Leveraging data analytics to ensure accurate property valuations, helping in informed decision-making.
  • Market Trend Prediction: Using advanced algorithms to predict real estate market trends, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

4. Diverse Rental Models:

We offer a range of rental models to cater to different tenant needs:


  • Co-living Spaces: Promoting community living and shared resources.
  • Rent-to-Own: Providing tenants an opportunity to eventually own the property.
  • Mortgage Manager: A unique model where we manage the mortgage process for potential homeowners.

Unlock Real Estate Ownership:

Co-Living Management and Rent-to-Own Platforms

After just four years of subscribing to our property services, you can take the step towards real estate ownership. We offer two exciting pathways:

Unlocking Growth: Exploring Strategic Real Estate Investments and Emerging Tech Opportunities

Co-Living Management:

Embrace Shared Living, Build Equity

Join our co-living community and experience the financial freedom that comes from shared living.

Our Co-Living Management service offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a vibrant community while simultaneously building equity towards owning real estate.

Key Benefits:

Affordable Living:

Shared expenses make co-living an affordable and attractive option.

Equity Accumulation:

Your monthly subscription contributes to building equity in real estate.


Rent-to-Own Platform:

Rent Your Dream, Unlock Homeownership

Discover our Rent-to-Own Platform, a stepping stone towards homeownership.

Rent your dream property with an exclusive option to buy, and start building equity as you pay rent.

Key Benefits:

Path to Ownership:

Rent with an option to buy, providing time and flexibility to transition into property ownership.

Financial Flexibility:

Utilize rent payments to build equity, helping you move closer to owning your dream home.


Mortgage Manager:

Accelerate Your Mortgage Repayment

Our Mortgage Manager service is designed for individuals with over $300,000 in equity left to pay off.

Over a four-year period, we work with you to accelerate mortgage repayment, putting you on the path to financial freedom.

Key Benefits:

Tailored Strategy:

Our expert team develops a personalized repayment strategy to suit your financial goals.

Accelerated Repayment:

With targeted efforts, we help you pay off your mortgage faster and save on interest.

Transparent Innovative​

Your Real Estate Journey Made Simple

Our innovative ownership model is founded on transparency and efficiency.

Say goodbye to traditional barriers and hello to a streamlined real estate journey. We eliminate complexities and unnecessary hurdles, ensuring a smooth path towards your property goals.
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Stay Updated

The world of technology and real estate is ever-evolving. Read more about the latest technological advances that transformed the real estate market.

The Future is Here


Every Pathway offers tailored real estate solutions, including financial awareness campaigns, retirement strategies, real estate guidance, and a unique property subscription service.

Our property subscription service provides diverse investment opportunities, allowing users to pay off their mortgage or acquire real estate through our platform.

The Co-Living Management service allows individuals to join a shared living community, enjoying the benefits of affordable living while building equity towards real estate ownership.

Users can rent their dream property with an exclusive option to buy, allowing them to build equity as they pay rent.

Designed for individuals with over $300,000 in equity left to pay off, this service helps accelerate mortgage repayment over a four-year period.

Every Pathway focuses on transparency, efficiency, and innovation, eliminating traditional barriers and complexities in the real estate journey.

Property Technology, or PropTech, includes the latest digital innovations in the real estate market, such as drones, VR, AR, and AI technologies.

New York offers a vibrant real estate market with diverse property opportunities, while Arizona presents a promising market with significant growth potential.

Every Pathway reviews portfolio performance after a 10-year holding period, considering potential asset liquidation and exploring strategic mergers and acquisitions.

You can reach out to Every Pathway at 260 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA, call +1 914 343 1755, or email

You can reach out to our dedicated team through the “Contact Us” section on our website. We’ll guide you through the process and help you choose the services that best fit your needs.

Empowering You for the Future

Expanding Soon:

At Every Pathway, we are committed to empowering you for a successful real estate journey.

Whether you’re looking for shared living experiences, aiming for homeownership through our Rent-to-Own Platform, or seeking to accelerate your mortgage repayment, our services are designed to set you on the path to financial growth and real estate success.

Upcoming Locations:

Arizona 🌵

Your subscription not only enriches your lifestyle but also builds equity towards owning real estate.

New York 🗽

Join our co-living community and experience the financial freedom that comes from shared living.

Real Estate


Property Technology, or PropTech, encompasses the latest digital innovations in the real estate market. From drones capturing comprehensive property views to real estate crowdfunding platforms, PropTech is reshaping the industry.

Real Estate Viewings

With the advent of technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the real estate market has transformed. Potential buyers can now explore homes virtually, and AR allows visualization of potential renovations without actual changes.

AI Technology in Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the real estate industry. From predictive analytics to AI chatbots, these technologies are enhancing the home buying and selling process. AI chatbots, for instance, can handle tasks such as answering questions, responding to emails, and even qualifying potential leads in real-time.

Why New York?

Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

New York was chosen by Every Pathway due to its vibrant real estate market, diverse property opportunities, and high demand.

With its dynamic economy, cultural significance, and global recognition, New York presents a prime location for our innovative real estate solutions and prop-tech advancements.

Why Arizona ?

Phoenix & Mesa

Arizona was selected by Every Pathway for its promising real estate market and significant growth potential.

With strategic factors such as planned infrastructure upgrades, emerging technology initiatives, and a favorable business environment, Arizona, particularly Phoenix, offers ample opportunities for innovative real estate and prop-tech advancements.

Strategic Exit Solutions:

Maximizing Returns for Real Estate in New York and Arizona

At Every Pathway, we have a solid exit strategy in place for our real estate portfolio in New York and Arizona. Our approach involves a thorough review of portfolio performance after a 10-year holding period, allowing for potential asset liquidation to capture capital appreciation.

Additionally, we actively explore strategic mergers and acquisitions, leveraging the growth opportunities in emerging markets to maximize returns for our members.

Our commitment to a well-planned exit strategy ensures the best interests of our members are met, providing them with a clear and secure path to achieve their financial goals in the ever-evolving real estate market.


Contact us to join our Real Estate Division or learn more about our Property solutions.

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